The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund.

About the "HIŠA 1797" project

A platform for networking and joint participation in the tourism market

In 2019, the “HIŠA 1797” project was selected in a public call for the selection of projects for achieving the objectives of the Local Action Group strategy “LAG For city, countryside and you”, within the framework of the European Regional Development Fund.

The project is based around the renovation of a heritage building, a large country house built in 1797, for tourist accommodation purposes. Together with our partners and collaborators we have invested the property with new innovative content and opened it up to the public. The project partners are Dob Primary School and Simon Robič Domžale Cave Exploration Society. Vulnerable groups, from children to older adults, are also actively included in the project. Over 500 pupils from the primary schools of six municipalities (Dob PS, Trzin PS, Mengeš PS, Komenda-Moste PS, Vodice PS, Pirniče PS) wrote stories that incorporated their municipality’s landmarks, sights, historical figures and events (more on this in Chapter 8 – Selected Stories by Primary School Pupils). Through workshops, 250 senior citizens from Domžale, Trzin, Mengeš, Komenda, Vodice and Medvode municipalities acquainted themselves with the ornaments of Jože Karlovšek.

“Hiša 1797” provides lodging for tourists and works to promote the wider Dob area; it is a hub for the network of local producers and the local tourist offer. Visitors of the renovated “Hiša 1797” can experience the major attributes of Slovenian tourism in Dob and its surroundings. On the new tourist trail Slovenija tu**, they can discover the main aspects of Slovenian tourism at the local scale and in the local environment. They can experience karst phenomena in the caves Železna jama (Iron Cave) and Babja jama (Hag Cave), they can view and ride Lipizzan horses at the Educational Research Centre for Horse Breeding Krumperk and visit the Beekeeping Educational Trail beside the learning beehive in the park beneath Močilnik in Dob.

The project also encompasses the redesign and renovation of the interior of the house, where visitors can give themselves over to nostalgia while viewing its gallery of heritage objects and find out more about Lipizzan horses at the exhibition of historical objects from the Lipica Stud Farm. In the salon, they can also browse the offer of local honey and herb products, ornamental objects and organic farm produce (more on this in Chapter 5 – Offer of Local Produce and Products).

The renovated “Hiša 1797” functions as a platform for the joint participation of various local producers on the market.