Old Cellar

You are invited to our cellar to taste wines from various wine-growing areas of Slovenia. The wine will also be accompanied by a snack of home-made cured meat products and typical Slovenian cheeses.

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Innovative all-Slovenia tourist trail in Dob

Our tourist trail, christened Slovenia tu, will give you the chance to discover three important attributes of Slovenian tourism: Lipizzan horses, beekeeping and karstic caves. All this in the immediate surroundings of Hiša 1797.

9:30 Lipizzan horses

Visit of the Pedagogical Research Centre for Horse Breeding in Krumperk Castle. The centre breeds Lipizzan horses, runs a riding school for children and adults, offers horse rides for children with special needs and carriage rides. A guided tour of the centre is followed by a horse ride. The level of difficulty is adjusted according to the skill of the individual. The equestrian part of the complex was added on to the oldest barn and the main building, which were built in 1580 for the needs of Krumperk Castle.

12:00 Beekeeping

Visit to the Beekeeping Educational Trail in the park below Močilnik, where you learn about the history of Slovenian beekeeping and the life and work of the bee colony. You take a look at the bee colony from the outside and, dressed in protective gear, from the inside of the bee house as well.

13:30 Lunch at the Speleological House

14:30 Karstic cave / visit

Visit of the Speleological Museum in Gorjuša with its permanent exhibitions. In the speleological collection we find examples of the most beautiful stalactites from the collection of the naturalist Franz Hohenwart from the beginning of the 18th century. In Robič’s natural history collection we find, among other things, a special species of blind beetle, Ceuthmonocharis robica, which was named after its discoverer, the biospeleologist Simon Robič. The archeological collection consists of Paleolithic finds and remains of fauna from Babja jama (Hag Cave). Also on display is the wreckage of a B-24 bomber, which crashed nearby during WWII.

Next up is a tour of the nearby Babja jama (Hag Cave) and the entrance to the 120-metre-long Železna jama (Iron Cave). Like all other karstic caves in Slovenia, it was formed by water. Although Železna jama is small, its delicate features are varied. We can see stalagmites and stalactites, sinter protrusions, gours and smaller sinter curtains. Other forms are corrosion hollows, scallops and remnants of a gallery. A special feature of the cave are the curved stalactites, which were shaped by the wind while forming.

Next day: Karstic cave / descent

For those who want to experience a true descent into the cave, the following day offers a visit to Osoletova jama, which is the most beautiful and deepest cave in this isolated karst. The cave is accessible in all seasons and in almost all weather conditions. The 3–4 hour descent to the Great hall (-70 m) is organized by the Simon Robič Domžale Cave Research Society. Those who are physically prepared can descend to the bottom of the cave at -260 m in eight hours. The cavers provide equipment and clothing.

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This small family farm has been practising biodynamic farming since 1998. They are eco and Demeter certified. They grow spelt, buckwheat, various seasonal vegetables and keep some livestock.

Družina Videmšek
Prešernova 26
1233 Dob



The society has been active since 2012. In 2013, they built an educational bee house, which is a great educational asset for old and young beekeepers alike. The society’s president runs a beekeeping club at Dob Primary School.

Čebelarsko društvo Krtina – Dob
Ulica 7. avgusta 9
1233 Dob
Marjan Koderman 041 244 590



Jože Koželj was trained to make tinctures, creams and other preparations from medicinal plants. He became a renowned diagnostician, consultant and assistant in the treatment of numerous ailments. After his death, the company was taken over by his nephew, Zoran Poljšak.

Koželj d.o.o. Dob
Vegova ulica 12
1233 Dob



The society oversees the promotion and research of the cultural and artistic heritage of Jože Karlovšek. His legacy includes many works on the basis of which they create functional modern products.

Kulturno umetniško društvo Jožeta Karlovška Domžale
Antona Skoka 7
1230 Domžale